Once Upon a Time - Red

#29 - Up Close

challenge twenty-nineup close
The challenge for the next two weeks...
We'll be focusing on close crops.

erinm_4600 footballlover10 jussy_baby

+ This challenge ends Sunday, July 9th July 16 at 12:00 noon EST.
+ You may enter up to four (4) icons.
+ Post your icons in a new entry in this community.
+ Tag your posts like so: "maker: username, challenge 029, entries".
+ Be sure to read the spoiler policy in the profile.
Once Upon a Time - Regina Mills

Mod Post

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry that things have been kind of out of whack here lately. We had a family emergency that put a kink in my internet plans. I'm back now and trying to get everything back on track.

Once I get everything caught up I plan on posting a poll to see what you all are interested in doing with this community. I'm also going to give this a makeover so there may be some banner challenges in our future.

Once again, I'm sorry for things being so spotty around here lately and I want to thank you for your patience. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
Once Upon a Time - Regina Mills

#28 - voting

challenge twenty-eight → VOTING

• vote in a comment below
• vote for your top two in order - voting is weighted!
• choose one icon per special category
• do not vote for yourself or encourage others to vote for you
• please use the provided form

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